Seu trabalho no escritório está arruinando sua postura?

Profissionais de saúde e profissionais estão cada vez mais alertando para as conseqüências negativas na saúde que resultam do excesso de tempo sentado todos os dias, como a maioria das pessoas que trabalham em escritórios é propensa a fazer. Uma consequência comum da postura sentada é má, o que pode levar a efeitos colaterais negativos, incluindo sintomas de dor crônica. Os dados mostram que a maioria das pessoas que sofrem de dor crónica também têm empregos que exigem que permaneçam sentados ao longo do dia.

Principais conclusões:

De acordo com as principais autoridades de saúde, ter um trabalho de mesa pode estar destruindo sua postura e causando uma dor nas costas significativa.

Mesmo as pessoas com mais empregos fisicamente ativos que não se sentam em uma mesa ou computador experimentam dores nas costas e no ombro relacionadas ao trabalho.
Mesmo que você se exercite regularmente, a permanência prolongada em seu trabalho pode ser prejudicial à sua saúde e bem-estar.

“Cinco em cada dez pacientes sofrem de dores nas articulações causadas por longas horas sentado em frente ao computador ou outras posturas incorretas relacionadas ao trabalho”, diz um alto funcionário da saúde.

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When you want to choose the best UK web hosting, whether you are a beginner or maybe your current website host of your Business is satisfying you to the maximum. It’s very important to conduct a small research before selecting the next provider. There is the question, how do I know which provider is the best and how do I transfer my business called Viver Vida Plena to the new provider. Here are the criteria for choosing the best UK web hosting;

Security, compatibility and performance

How safe is the web host, web hosting, security is very crucial and what type of protection do they provide for their customers. Is it passive or active firewall, do they have content-aware filters, is your website protected from DDOS attack, does your webmaster apply the necessary security update for your CMS or do you just hope that the hosting platform would block an attack by blots. But be careful about over defending because some features may be crippled. Compatibility is also very important because some pillars are quite dynamic entities because of their Open Source nature, and hence the new advanced ones might not be compatible with the older ones.

This means that some codes may have to be re-written, although some providers keep a web server to maintain the older websites. Performance is crucially important and with providers with a large scope of customers can be worrying. Most these providers provide affordable plan offers, but this is achieved by over-loading virtualized servers using a few CPU’s serving hundreds of websites, which results to low input and output performance. Thus while choosing the best UK web hosting do consider the performance.

Website backup and availability

A website backup and restore should be considered while choosing a web host; you ought to know how frequently a backup is done. Since the servers are maintained by the web servers, and everyone is prone to error, but daily backups are recommended. Despite having a copy of the website is considered risky, it’s better to have it rather than losing everything when harm is done to your website. File restore should be easy; it should even facilitate selective file restoration. How is the host’s availability, it is very easy to say 99 percent availability, but maintaining is the hard part. Always research on the availability of your host, only the best UK web hosting can maintain such a percentage. With large, wide spread host, this is the biggest problem that you will have, customer service and support for these providers is very low.

To get to an engineer is almost impossible; the closest you get is a pool of outsourced employees reading answers to every question you ask. Even after creating a ticket you only get a response after some days, if you are the type who has to speak to an engineer to solve a problem you ought to go for a smaller This last consideration won’t be a problem; pricing is the last thing to consider which will be too easy because the competition has lowered it towards zero. Most cheap service providers, however, are over-loaded. The conclusion is always going for that firm which you know will care about you and their reputation.



Without good web hosting services all the websites would neverexist and be in business. Even though there are numerous web hosting companies which will provide you with the services you need, regardless of where you are located, there are just a few top web hosts. The hosts stand out based on their services, good history and reputation. They have also pioneered some of the greatest changes which have positively impacted the industry. For your website to be viewed all around the world you will have to pay up for the services and before you pay up you have to know some facts about the hosting company and what you are getting into. These are some of the top web host companies:

IX Hosting

This company has always been at the top and has had numerous kinds of reputations. Since its inception in 199 it has always been a top web host. The company has grown from just a few clients to more than 120000 clients in the present. It hosts slightly more than half a million websites. However, most people see it to have a data redundant center because your site will be kept waiting for numerous seconds before it loads. The hosting plans available vary and are not constant. You can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disc space and unlimited domains to be hosted. They often have promos as well like if you have free dedicated IP and domain representation you will have your registration fee of $3.95 for the month

Just Host

Most clients confirm that Just Host services can be depended on at any given time. They are always committed to providing better services for their clients. They have protected and good servers. The company also has fairly affordable prices and an always available customer support service. What determines their prices are the plans and competition. What makes this company a top web host, however is their capability to provide the client with unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts for communication, unlimited domains for hosting, unlimited disc space for data storage, among other factors.  Their prices for hosting are at $4.45 for each and every month.


This is one of the top web host and has been for numerous years now. The service provider is highly reputable and has millions of sites hosted. Most of the companies in the fortune 500 have their sites hosted by the HostGator. The company is ideal whether you are opting for small business, private or public company. What’s so good about it is that you will get your money back just in case you don’t get contented with the services. However, just note that the company will always try too hard to ensure that you are always satisfied with the services. The company gives you an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. However, with the host you will get to choose your hosting plan as there are the Baby Plan and Hatchling Plan, which are $7.95 and $4.95 respectively for each and every month of hosting.


When you are looking for .ca website, there are a lot of alternatives that you will come across. Even though it is argued that, one need not look for a geographical location while closing on a web hosting company, but one in your area can provide you a little advantage. Unless off course, you have a wide network and already is a part of the giant conglomerate.

This article will help you find a server that is located in Canada and is operated and owned by the natives. Canada is now making every effort to bring nothing but the best to the table to ensure a promising place on the globe. There are many Canada web hosting sites available that will help you with a .ca web page or website. Let’s look in detail what they have to offer.

Web hosting advantages in Canada

One of the main goals why one should pick up a Canada web hosting site is the advantage of speed. It is a lesser known truth that all the Canada web hosting companies are located mainly in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal which are significantly close to all US major cities as opposed to US based Web hosting which are all located in the distant remote locations. The Canada web hosting has higher speed and stronger connection when it comes to web sites.

When your website runs on a Canadian server, which is from HostHero or Hostupon both popular Canadian hosting companies then the chances of your web page popping up at the top of the search engine are high. When your IP address is directed to a Canadian server then, the rank of your web page is reflected in a positive manner. The ranking is effected more so as he Canadian server are not over worked due to thousands of websites, the traffic on the web servers is less, and they are better able to serve the customs sites.

The added advantages are the laws in Canada; Canada has very strict laws on piracy. Thus, one can be rest assured that his valuable content is saved from being used in duplicities. Thus, one knows for sure that his valuable information that is shared on a platform that is accessible to the world is well guarded.

States at the last but still not the least important is the amount of money you intent to invest. Look at it this way. When you spend your money, which is earned in Canadian dollar due to the exchange rate fluctuations, it is advisable that you spend that in Canadian dollar as well. That will save you some of it opposed o spending the money on US dollar that is for sure bound to be more given the conversion rate.

You have a lot of website options here to suit your purpose thus the whole idea will feel just as right. The major web hosting companies have grounds in Canada to make sure that they tab the Canadian market and well that best suits the one who are looking for a server for themselves.


Whereas there are so many web hosting companies, there are very few that are successful. Many do not receive very good reviews from the clients because they do not offer satisfactory services. However, this has not been the case with the iPage web hosting company. This company has become so popular and successful because it has been able to offer all the clients what others have failed to.

IPage has been in operation since 1998. It has been able to manage more than a million websites ever since, and the numbers are growing by the day. Many people are becoming aware of its existence and hence opting for its hosting services. With time, people have become confident about investing with this company because the quality of service is getting better.

Benefits of iPage Website Hosting

How different is iPage web hosting different from what others offer? Well, here are some of the insights:

  • Amazing hosting features

Every client in need of hosting services will always want to find out whether they can get rich features that will help then run their site successfully. This is something one can be guaranteed just by contacting iPage. It even provides more than web hosting services such as web management and optimization, email hosting and domain registration among other services. It is a one stop company for a client in need of successful web site running.

  • Cheapest web hosting services

Many companies offering quality hostgator coupons hosting services charge a very high price that many people find very hard to pay. Many people want to run their site in a cost effective way, which is what is offered by the iPage web hosting. Whereas quality web hosting services from many companies go for prices not below 5 dollars per month, iPage offers better services at 3.50 dollars per month. Very few people can turn down such offers.

  • Reliability

It is no secret that iPage host services are very reliable. The company has put in place measures to ensure that there is no downtime in service delivery.  The company is always pro-active to ensure that there is no hiccup in running a clients’ site, something that many other companies cannot do. Still, in case of problems, they have back up serves to try and rectify them before it is too late.  As such, clients can be assured that their sites will be accessible to their clients at all times. This sort of service guarantees success in web hosting services.

  • Customer support

Many hosting companies leave their clients to run their site on their own at some point when they make enough profit. Still, some become unavailable at some points of the day and could even take longer to contact in case a client requires for some assistance. This is never the case with iPage. They do not only offer maximum support to all the clients, but they are always available to offer the required support. You can get qualified and experienced professionals to support you on a 24/7 basis from this company.

For the reason above and many more, iPage website hosting will continue to be popular amongst many web site owners. If you are looking for hosting services, then this is the company that you should consider.


Are you searching for a hostgator coupon? Your best choice is to browse the World Wide Web to find and avail these discount codes. The Internet is a vast ocean of beneficial information and is one of the biggest technical boons available to the modern world. Since its launch, it has completely modified the manner in which people search for information about different products and services. In addition to being used as the most reliable resource for finding relevant information, the World Wide Web has become a popular source that is used by people to shop for any product or service they may need. This has resulted in a huge opportunity for people to choose Internet marketing as a career and earn huge amounts of money. This option is very convenient because you can follow this career from the comfort of your homes and overcoming all the inconveniences of working in a regular nine- to- five job.

Cheaper alternative

hostgator discounts

When compared to traditional retail stores, the overhead expenses incurred by online marketers are significantly lower. Moreover, virtual sellers are able to avail discounts from wholesale vendors because they often buy products in bulk quantities. Unlike physical shops, online business owners do not have large administrative expenses like staff salaries and telecom costs, which further reduce their costs. All these cost savings are offered to the customers by providing products and services at lower prices.

More competition

Customers can also benefit from the intense competition faced by the large number of virtual vendors. Online marketers often provide discount codes and promotional offers with an objective of enticing more customers to avail their product and service offerings. The Internet has eliminated geographical boundaries and customers can choose to buy products or avail services from businesses that can be located in any part of the world. In such situations, web marketers offer the lowest possible prices to increase the number of customers and ensure their competitiveness in this highly competitive environment.

Finding affordable services

Because there is such intense competition for web marketers, they are always trying to find ways and methods that can help them to lower their cash outflows. Hosting expenses are mandatory for every Internet marketing company irrespective of its size. Choosing reliable hosting companies with running servers with excellent technical and customer support is vital to ensure they do not lose business due to technical hitches or frequent downtime. All these benefits need to be available at affordable prices that do not cause any financial burden on the business, which can reduce profitability and in some extreme cases render the business unprofitable leading to its winding up.

Affordable plans

To avoid shutting down your business, searching for discount coupon for hostgator is recommended. The agency is a leading and renowned hosting agency with more than seven thousand servers hosting over eight million domains. The company offers different plans that start at less than ten dollars per month to make hosting more affordable and efficient for web marketers.

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