Without good web hosting services all the websites would neverexist and be in business. Even though there are numerous web hosting companies which will provide you with the services you need, regardless of where you are located, there are just a few top web hosts. The hosts stand out based on their services, good history and reputation. They have also pioneered some of the greatest changes which have positively impacted the industry. For your website to be viewed all around the world you will have to pay up for the services and before you pay up you have to know some facts about the hosting company and what you are getting into. These are some of the top web host companies:

IX Hosting

This company has always been at the top and has had numerous kinds of reputations. Since its inception in 199 it has always been a top web host. The company has grown from just a few clients to more than 120000 clients in the present. It hosts slightly more than half a million websites. However, most people see it to have a data redundant center because your site will be kept waiting for numerous seconds before it loads. The hosting plans available vary and are not constant. You can get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disc space and unlimited domains to be hosted. They often have promos as well like if you have free dedicated IP and domain representation you will have your registration fee of $3.95 for the month

Just Host

Most clients confirm that Just Host services can be depended on at any given time. They are always committed to providing better services for their clients. They have protected and good servers. The company also has fairly affordable prices and an always available customer support service. What determines their prices are the plans and competition. What makes this company a top web host, however is their capability to provide the client with unlimited transfers, unlimited email accounts for communication, unlimited domains for hosting, unlimited disc space for data storage, among other factors.  Their prices for hosting are at $4.45 for each and every month.


This is one of the top web host and has been for numerous years now. The service provider is highly reputable and has millions of sites hosted. Most of the companies in the fortune 500 have their sites hosted by the HostGator. The company is ideal whether you are opting for small business, private or public company. What’s so good about it is that you will get your money back just in case you don’t get contented with the services. However, just note that the company will always try too hard to ensure that you are always satisfied with the services. The company gives you an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. However, with the host you will get to choose your hosting plan as there are the Baby Plan and Hatchling Plan, which are $7.95 and $4.95 respectively for each and every month of hosting.